December is here!

Happy December! I absolutely love this time of year, even if it is getting colder outside. From Thanksgiving to New Years Day, I always feel like a kid again and love the ‘magic’ of the holiday season. Growing up Christmas was a big deal in my house and I want to continue to make it a big deal for Ryan, Phoebe and me…and then in the future when we decide to have kids. Thankfully, Ryan knows how much I love the holidays so he puts up with me and joins in on the fun.

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I came across this idea of an advent calendar by Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day and while I don’t own an advent calendar, I thought I’d create my own list of activities for Ryan and me to do this month. When I showed him this list Ryan sighed and said, “Kristin, you’re….special.” I took that as a compliment and moved on! :)

faux real.



I read Jordan’s list and thought it was so adorable – so I pretty much picked out her favorites and then threw a few of my own in there. Here’s my list…I’m excited to really get into the spirit of Christmas this year!

-make Christmas cookies
-buy a live tree & decorate it
-decorate inside & outside
-host a Christmas party
-find mistletoe, hang it in the house & kiss under it
-exchange gifts
-address & mail Christmas cards
-watch my favorite Christmas movies (Elf, Little Women, The Family Stone, The Holiday)
-watch Ryan’s favorite Christmas movies (The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story)
-go see A Christmas Story live
-purchase a new Christmas CD
-put up a ribbon sash for Christmas cards
-drive around to see neighborhood lights
-have a romantic candlelit dinner by the Christmas tree
-purchase gifts for a family/child in need
-go see a holiday themed movie in the theatre
-donate canned goods/necessary items to the soup kitchen
-watch a holiday TV special
-buy fresh flowers that feel “Christmas-y” and put them on display at the casa
-read the Christmas story from the Bible

I dont know where we are going now...

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?

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3 responses to “December is here!

  1. That last picture reminds me that my mom bought Ran and I a gingerbread house to make!! So excited!!

    LOVE your list!!

  2. lauravirginia

    Aw, what a fun idea! I want to see A Christmas Story live, too!

  3. I almost added gingerbread house to the list! Maybe I’ll get bonus points for doing things NOT on the list?! :) Laura – you should come to A Christmas Story! It runs Dec. 7-24. (Sorry for being sales pitchy-y)!

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