Where did the weekend go?

Did anyone else feel like this weekend flew by? I know they always do, but this weekend was especially quick. We spent most of our time in Apex, NC visiting with our friends Zach and Tiffany. One of the weekend highlights was going out to their land on Harris Lake where they will eventually build a house. It is gorgeous out there – I can’t wait for them to make their big move. Check out their view.



We took turns shooting skeet and I regret to inform you that I didn’t hit a single one. It was my first time with a shotgun, and it was pretty heavy and I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. I also have a nice size bruise on my arm from where the gun would backfire [?] and hit my arm. Oh well – I was so close to hitting the last few. Better luck next time!


Their land is about ten minutes away from Aviator Brewing Company so we went there for a few Saturday afternoon drinks. It was a neat atmosphere and very historic – the Tap House was an old train station in the early 1900s. The train tracks still run behind the brewery.

On Sunday I did quite a bit of reading, we watched a good movie, and made White Bean & Chicken Soup. It was ahmazing if I do say so myself. Hurry up and make this if you need to warm up from the chill outside. It’s finally starting to feel like winter in Raleigh, and this soup hit the spot.


Now I’m depressed that it’s already Monday. At least I only have eight more days of work in 2011. So weird, right?

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3 responses to “Where did the weekend go?

  1. the backfire is called “kick back” but you were pretty close! Skeet shooting seems like so much fun, I have only been shooting in a gun range. Exciting times… haha

  2. adoring fan

    Is that Annie Oakley? Or Annie Awkwardly?

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